Deep Delicious Restoration: Yoga Nidra & Essential Oil Practices

Deep Delicious Restoration: Yoga Nidra & Essential Oil Practices


You feel tired and wired.

Maybe it’s because you’ve been doing too much…giving too much.

Or maybe it’s because you’re navigating a health challenge…

and your body needs time and space to reconnect with your inner world for healing and restoration.

Maybe you’re going through one of life’s transitions, menopause, divorce or loss...

Maybe you’re not getting a good night’s sleep…and haven’t for a long time.

Exhaustion makes our emotions feel like we’re at the edge of a cliff.

Hold on…there’s a remedy for that.

It’s called yoga nidra meditation, known as “the sleep of the yogi.” This is deep rest.


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Another remedy for modern life stress is sacred scent, otherwise known as essential oils.

The truth is you can sleep and sniff your way back to your juicy, powerful, well-rested self.

You know how to come back into rhythm and feel good. You just need a tool.

We created these three yoga nidra and anointing practices for you. Yoga nidra is the cradle, the spacious ground of being where you lie down to rest and scent swaddles you in a blanket of stillness. In this sanctuary of stillness, you merge and re-connect with your undefended nature.

These forty minute practices were transmitted live by us (Karen Brody and Deborah Sullivan) as part of our course The Power of Yoga Nidra & Essential Oils: A Shamanic Journey for Women. The women in the course loved them, we loved them, and now we’re offering you these three powerful yoga nidra and anointing practices to help you come back home to you.

What’s Included:

•    Three 40 minute yoga nidra and anointing practices as downloadable mp3’s

•    Anointing breath practice and Essential Oils 101 primer mp3 to get you started

•    Three mp3’s preparing you for yoga nidra meditation

•    A welcome PDF explaining how to use the practices

•    Access to a private Facebook page to share your experiences and meet others journeying with these practices.

What to Expect:

Here’s what women are saying about their experiences when they unite the practice of yoga nidra mediation and anointing with sacred scents:

•    “These are life-giving practices that I continue to reap the benefits of each time I lay down. Karen and Deborah are gentle teachers of sacred practice that facilitate deep transformation through simplicity.”

•    “Perfect to deepen one's inner life experience.”

•    “Every time I laid down to practice I had memorable moments.”

•    “The gathering of women in spirit in the practices, and deeply connecting with the earth and heavens, brought a timeless quality that spans my lifetimes, so I was not just practicing in the present moment, but for all time.”

•    “Loved learning how to incorporate the natural elements into my practice. For me, this was a game changer.”

•    “I felt more connected to myself as a result of the practice of including oils and rituals.”

We invite you to lie down with us to wake up!

Karen Brody is a mother, writer, and the author of Daring to Rest: Claim Your Power Through Yoga Nidra Rest Meditation. She has been helping women dare to rest through yoga nidra meditation programs and trainings for the past decade and leading gatherings and trainings to help women rise up for three decades.

Deborah Sullivan is a Cross-Cultural Energy Medicine Practitioner and Ceremonialist. She is the owner of Sacred Ways.  She has been making artisan essential oil blends for over two decades. She has been teaching yoga, yoga nidra guided meditation and leading shamanic women’s circles for over four decades.


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