Sacred Sleep - Sweet Dreams

Sacred Sleep - Sweet Dreams


“Dreams are wishes of the soul.”

– Iroquois Wisdom

“All dreams spin out of the same web.”

– Hopi

This yoga nidra journey invites you to practice a resting ritual that helps you reset your sleep rhythms while you connect with your soul’s dreaming. Transformational sleep rituals guide you back home to your soul.

Practicing resting rituals helps regulate sleep rhythms that can ensure the deep rest that nourishes your body.

Shed your day and leave anything unfinished outside your sleeping space. As you unwind from the daylight rhythms, you enter the evening rhythms.

At the end of Sweet Dreams, you will be guided to drift off to sleep. Prepare your sleeping space so that you can remain lying down at the end of the audio.

You may practice in the evening before going to sleep, or if you awaken during the night.

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Surrender to your being’s innate wisdom to guide you from the place of half-light into the magic of dreaming. The soul speaks through the language of images, visions, archetypes, and symbols—here, the mystery and meaning of life is unveiled.

Complement your practice with elemental nature sacred scents.

Dream and Soul Speaks are Ritual Anointing Oils that transport you into the realm of imagination, mystery, and magic.

To take in and honor these beautiful sacred scents, you can read more here about Elemental Nature Sacred Scents & Anointing Rituals. 

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