Rest into Stillness with the Sacred Elements Guided Meditation

Rest into Stillness with the Sacred Elements Guided Meditation


“My heart is tuned to the quietness that the stillness of nature inspires.” ~Hazrat Inayat Khan

Experience deep restorative rest during this 30-minute yoga nidra guided meditation. You may practice in the morning to help you meet the day with equanimity and ease or in the evening to release from the day and slip into dreamtime.

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When the body is tense, restless and agitated, it is unable to drop into rest or restorative sleep. When we feel wired and tired, we become disconnected from our body’s innate wisdom to self-regulate. This guided meditation offers a pause to simply breathe and become back into rhythm. Deep restorative rest opens the doorway to the presence between breaths.  Here, we are invited into the beauty of the moment and are grateful for simply being. We may drift off into the quietude of emptiness, the vast spaciousness of the present moment.  Nothing to do, just be.

This guided yoga nidra meditation practice is a gateway into deep relaxation, restoration, and stillness. It weaves a cradle of safety so we can nest, rooted in the primal wisdom of the body. We re-enter the cave of silence that resides at the core of our body/being. It helps us remember to come back into balance, to re-align ourselves again and again. Reminding us that our source is stillness, and we reside in restful awareness. We remember our relationship with the sacred elements. 

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