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"By doing one learns; with study one refines; through dreaming one creates; in loving one fulfills—such is the secret art for tending to the perennial garden of our soul."
~don Oscar Miro-Quesada


I am a Cross-Cultural Energy Medicine Practitioner and Ceremonialist. Inspiring you to remember your true nature. Cultivating sacred ways of living within yourself, with others, and with the natural world.  For the last 45 years, I’ve studied, apprenticed and walked with medicine men and women, guides and teachers who have generously transmitted their sacred ceremonies and practices with me.  My service is an infusion of this love.

I create a safe, sacred space to engage the subtle energy body and one’s whole being: body, mind, heart, soul and spirit. In this field of love, the person or group is immersed in the transformational medicine that speaks to their heart.  In this space of compassion and trust, you are received in your vulnerability and rawness as well as your passion and vision for who you are becoming. Together we develop a conscious connection to what is unfolding in your life.  This work is especially powerful and empowering during passages of grief, groundlessness or disorientation during transitions.  

I envision Sacred Ways as a refuge, a consecrated abode for the soul. A place where you can come into deep communion with yourself and your soul gifts. I honor all the wisdom traditions and have integrated a wide range of practices from Sufism, Andean Mysticism, Pachakuti Mesa Tradition Cross-Cultural Shamanism, Yoga Nidra, Native American Peoples, Breath-work, Movement, and Sound into my offerings. I have immersed myself in the art of scent for over 20 years. Creating and preparing alchemical blends for anointing rituals that enhance transitions and transformation. I guide shamanic aromatic classes, workshops, and individual sessions.

One of my passions is to celebrate the sacred feminine from all traditions and cultures. These sacred ways are powerful, mystical, magical and primal to Mother Earth. I’ve guided women's circles and ceremonies for five decades supporting women through the cycles of birth, death, and rebirth during life transitions and initiations. I offer women’s circles, ceremony and rest circles, individual energy medicine and mentoring sessions.

I am a midwife to the soul, assisting you to remember, reconnect and embody your soul’s gifts – as soul medicine for yourself and Mother Earth. Together we take a journey that supports you to become aware of your authentic   being, by listening to the guidance and wisdom that is innately within you. As you embrace the silence and stillness you prepare for the communion with the sacred. You emerge awakening to your own guidance, to engage your life path. You become the gardener of your soul. This transformational journey supports the integration of these gifts into your body/being and your daily life, fusing the magic and the mundane.

Through life’s initiations, I am learning to surrender to the ebb and flow of life’s mysteries. To embrace the polarities, the holy pairs with the innocence of a child and the compassion of a woman transitioning into an elder. I meet the cycles and transitions of my life through grief and grace, but ultimately with love.

We are all children and stewards of Mother Earth and Father Sky.  We are all responsible for the future of the next seven generations and beyond. May we walk in beauty gently with the Pachamama, Mother Earth and each other, creating beauty, balance, and love, walking in wholeness and holiness.