Shamanic Aromatics

I call my relationship to blending essential oils ‘Shamanic Aromatics.’ All of my alchemical blends have a story symbolizing a journey through the sacred realm. My soul enters a sacred relationship with the soul of the plants. Sacred scents carry the ancestral intelligence coming from the cosmological energies of the sun, moon, stars, earth, fire, water, air, and space. We breathe in the fragrance that rides on the holy winds. We receive the offerings and wisdom from the holy mountains (Apus) arising from our Mother Earth (Pachamama). Her rainbow (K’uychi), energies are imbued with the soul of the plant's scent and energetic signature. The scent carries the plant's life force, and when we breathe it in, it infuses our energy field. The ebb and flow of Ocean’s (Mama Cocha’s) tides and the lunar cycles of the Moon (Mama Kia) are sacredly interwoven into the plant's evolution. There are mysterious relationships among the elements of Mother Earth, the movements in the celestial spheres, the molecules of the plants, and the sacred scents of the oils.

When we enter into sacred relationships by offering our prayers and presence to the ancient plant spirits, our deepest visions become embodied. Our minds, hearts, and bodies receive the blessings of all these alchemical elements infused with the plant’s vital life force energy (prana). This is sustenance for our body/being. We partake of the nutritive essence of the plants and their fragrance imbues our consciousness.  Our collaboration with the plant spirits inspires our journey into all worlds, giving birth to us through our medicine gifts.

I am passionate and compassionate about sharing these plant medicines because they’re steeped in these ancient ways and this cosmology.  My blends are married for a minimum of seven days on my mesa (altar). They are made with unconditional love (munay). The essential oils are smudged, blessed and suffused with shamanic energies. Often, the alchemical incubation takes place in conjunction with the lunar cycles, equinoxes, and solstices.

During shamanic blending, the soul of the blender and the soul of the plants enter an alchemical journey. A blend isn’t just produced, it evolves through a consecrated relationship. Together we are in communion with the unbridled energies of the earth and the cosmic realms. The blender and the medicine that is being created are guided by the holy ones, the ancestors, and the medicine ways that have come before us. Both the blender and the sacred scents are transformed during the shamanic journey as their souls comingle to create an aromatic medicine gift. It is an honor to be of service and offer these alchemical blends to you.

Blessings of love, light, and beauty,


Essential oil blends marrying on the mesa 

Essential oil blends marrying on the mesa 


 I offer classes, workshops, and individual mentoring with Shamanic Aromatics. Contact me if you would like to participate in any of these offerings. Consultations for creating a personal blend are also available.