Sacred Sleep - Peaceful Nights

Sacred Sleep - Peaceful Nights


“The best bed that a man [woman] can sleep on is peace.”

- Somali Proverb

“Come inside the heart’s house. There is peace and solace there.”

- Rumi

This yoga nidra journey invites you to practice a resting ritual that helps you reset your sleep rhythms while you enter the sanctuary of stillness within. Realign your relationship with sleep and bring deep peace to your being, body, mind, heart, and spirit.

Practicing resting rituals helps regulate sleep rhythms that can ensure the deep rest that nourishes your body.

Shed your day and leave anything undone outside your sleeping space. As you unwind from the daylight rhythms, you enter the evening rhythms.

At the end of Peaceful Nights, you will be guided to drift off to sleep. Prepare your sleeping space so that you can remain lying down at the end of the audio.

You may practice in the evening before going to sleep, or if you awaken during the night.

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Complement your practice with elemental nature sacred scents

Peaceful Nights Aromatic Mist and Anointing Oil help regulate the cycles of rest and sleep, bringing deep peace to the pillow. These relaxing aromas prepare us for rest and the renewal that comes from a good night’s sleep.

You can read more here about an Anointing Oil Breath Ritual


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