“We use the Elemental Nature Sacred Space Spray in our sanctuary and on our altars. The seen and unseen realms and medicines wake up and take the essence in fully, expanding the energy of the space, dissolving veils and brightening spirits. They are truly lovely.”

Cindy Miro-Quesada, South Florida


"Deborah is a natural born guide. Everything and everyone she touches is infused with her sacred way of being in the world. I've used her beautiful essential oils for a while now. They are unique, powerful, and an indispensable part of my daily routine. I also know deeply of her passion for yoga nidra and her deep insights into the teachings and how they apply to the real lives of women today. You will be lucky to have her as your guide!"

Karen Brody

Founder of the Daring to Rest program for women

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“Deborah Sullivan, the creator of Sacred Ways and elemental nature, is a true alchemist and perfumer. Her blends are uniquely divine and potent. I have first-hand experience witnessing how careful she is in her choice of pure and genuine therapeutic grade essential oils. She researches the source of her oils and only chooses the most organic, nonGMO, sustainably grown or wild crafted oils and is very picky about the oils she uses. They don’t just have to smell right, they have to “feel” right. She has put not only countless hours of research and trial into each blend but also infuses every bottle with blessings and intention. Her pure and beautiful spirit comes across in the magic of these blends and increases their powerful effectiveness. I use her oils every single day in my oriental medical practice and for myself.  Their effectiveness has much to do with her lifetime of experience with essential oils, her expertise with the individual essential oils, and her alchemical talent with the synergy of oils.  I highly recommend her essential oil products as their potency and synergy are unique, rare, and unparalleled.”

 Amy Hazard, L.Ac
Santa Barbara Health & Healing Center

“Deborah is a truly unique and much needed, seeker of healing. She continually is in learning mode herself and imparts this knowledge into her oil blends, sprays, and services. I personally have taken part in her spirit circles, and they give me what I need to stay centered, happy, and knowing that what we do in circle helps the rest of the planet. I highly recommend any of her essential oil blends, sprays, and services. I use them regularly and especially when travelling. Deborah is a true gift to humanity, and I can't wait to take part in her next circle or treatment.”

Chris Engel, Camarillo California

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“Deborah weaves together more than four decades of experience in the spiritual and healing arts into a masterful blend. Through her one-to-one sessions, women’s circles, and aromatic blends, Deborah’s work creates a fertile haven for the sacred to flourish in everyday life. She is an artful and potent wise woman who generously shares her hard-earned wisdom with all she comes in contact with. All of Deborah’s work is deeply grounded in her love and trust in the Divine and flowers forth profusely from her tremendously loving heart.”  -Heather

As someone who has used essential oils for almost 15 years, I consider the healing blends from Sacred Ways to be top notch on multiple levels. In my experience, the blends are very special due to Deborah’s skill as a master creator of oil blends where she leverages her love for and knowledge of plants and nature and her considerable gifts as a healer interspersed with a lot of love and attention to details. This results in a consistently high-quality product selection that I find myself using on a daily basis for a wide range of purposes ranging from emotional to physical well-being. I also really appreciate that the oils are fresh, created in small batches, organic and made, packaged, and shipped with care.  They are a very important tool in my healing tool belt for myself and my children.

Carolyn Gretta