about elemental nature


Vision of Elemental Nature

Elemental Nature creates essential oil blends and products to awaken the senses, enliven the spirit, calm the mind, balance the body and enhance well-being.  I respect the plants and the people who grow and distill these natural and powerful essences. Elemental Nature honors the spirit and soul of the plant and recognizes that the essence of the plant is its life energy.  When we use essential oils, we partake of this gift, renewing and transforming our vital life force/energy.

I specialize in creative blending, which is an alchemical process honoring each oil’s unique scent and medicinal properties.  When they are blended together, they intermingle - each oil contributes, each oil is enhanced by the others, creating a mysterious, unified whole.

These aromatic essences can reconnect us with the true source of our being, awakening us to our primal nature that resonates with nature’s universal rhythms and cycles.  Elemental Nature oil blends are passionately, compassionately inspired and infused with love, light, and many blessings.



Artisan Made

I hand-blend essences from all around the globe: frankincense from Oman, white sage from the Santa Barbara foothills of California, bergamot from Italy, Palo Santo from Ecuador, red cedar from the Pacific Northwest, black spruce from Quebec, neroli from Egypt, vetiver from India, rosemary from Spain, lavender from Provence and many more.  These single notes unify our global family, one scent at a time, when they co-mingle their fragrances into a beautiful offering of love and sacred scent. Elemental Nature is a service that supports each individual, our global family, and our Mother Earth.  

I value and respect the sacredness of the plants and attend to every detail when preparing them.  Each batch is crafted by hand in small amounts, ensuring their vitality and potency.  I fill orders when they come in; supplies are limited. Back orders can be placed and are usually filled in a couple of weeks, sometimes sooner. The yield of these ingredients varies from season to season and is dependent upon Mother Nature’s cycles and seasons. The prices of oils will change depending on their availability.


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Quality of Oils

Elemental Nature is committed to providing sustainable organic and wild crafted products.  I never use chemicals, preservatives or other additives in these products. I look for oils that are fresh and lively.  When selecting oils, I am mindful of their holistic nature.

I find organic and ethically wild crafted oils that support environmentally sustainable farming or harvesting practices.  Many of these oils come from small family farms, local gatherers, and stills located all over the planet. I don’t use endangered oils, there are no synthetics, and nothing artificial.  I use golden organic jojoba oil, which is the closest to our skin's sebum, in my blends so they may be applied directly on the skin.

If you are pregnant, nursing, have any health conditions or are taking medications,

please consult your healthcare provider prior to using essential oils.