Sacred Currents - .35oz Roll - On

Sacred Currents - .35oz Roll - On


Organic & Wild Crafted Essential Oils in Distilled Water.

The beautiful aromatic essences of Sacred Currents swim through the energy centers of the body, awakening flow and restoring balance. Receive the spirit of the waters that wash over you as you drink in this ancient scent. Invite the therapeutic energies of these fluid fragrances into your heart, and into your luminous energy field.

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Sandalwood and Frankincense have been revered and offered as sacred aromatics in medicinal ways and ceremonies, since ancient times.  Sandalwood resonates with the base, sacral, heart, throat and crown centers, connecting the heart and throat center.  It links the base with the crown center, bridging heaven, and earth.  This sweet, earthy, and woody scent reconnects us to our primordial nature.  Sandalwood, the ‘great receiver,’ accepts us as we are and draws us into our depths.  Our heart beats in harmony with the ebb and flow of the tides of life.

Frankincense links the base and crown energy centers.   It helps to wash away any ties or blocks that bind us.  These Ancestral trees connect us with the smell of the desert, the glowing sun on the frankincense bark and the soul of the tree.  It deepens and slows our breath, drawing us inward into stillness. 

Lavender attunes us to the crown center where its expansive, healing nature unfolds like the petals of a lotus.  Like vetiver, it circulates through all the energy centers in a way that is both calming and energizing.  Lavender's harmonizing nature helps to integrate our spirit into everyday life - remembering our humblest actions are sacred.

Jasmine resonates with the heart and crown centers. It inspires creativity and ignites our passion for life.  As the yin and yang of oils, it commingles the opposites, assisting us to embrace the paradoxical nature of life.

Vetiver is balancing to the whole energy system, bringing the energies of all the centers into harmony, balance, and relationship with each other.  The plant's roots have been used in the East for their fragrance and healing properties for centuries.   The rich, earthy, and smoky aroma powerfully connects us with the deep recesses of the earth’s primal life-giving force.  It is innately nourishing, restoring and grounding.

Anointing Practice

We create a sacred practice of prayer and renewal when we practice a daily anointing ritual. Through these alchemical scents, we are initiated into centuries of tradition and ceremony that align and attune our body/being with the plant’s ancestral wisdom. Center yourself, pour a few drops into your palm and gently rub your palms together. Bring your palms up to your face and take four deep, slow inhalations.  Offer your gratitude for the life -giving ways and wisdom of these alchemical medicine gifts. You may anoint your forehead, heart, and belly coming into resonance with vision, love, and sacred service.

You can apply an oil before meditation, yoga nidra, dream work, and ceremony.