Peaceful Nights Aromatic Mist - 4oz

Peaceful Nights Aromatic Mist - 4oz


Organic & Wild Crafted Essential Oils in Distilled Water

In modern times we have disconnected from the natural rhythms of nature and our bodies, minds, and emotions have become tense, stressed, and anxious and our sleep patterns disrupted. Peaceful Nights restores the rhythms of sleep and ushers us into dreamtime.  These relaxing aromas prepare us for rest and the renewal that comes from a good night’s sleep.

Peaceful Nights helps regulate the cycles of rest and repose bringing equanimity and deep peace to the pillow.  We are swaddled by a blanket of scent and drift off into a sanctuary of stillness. Here our body/being is guided, protected and blessed.

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Mandarin, bergamot, lavender and chamomile alleviate anxiety, stress, sleep disturbances and insomnia.  They each have a regulating effect on the nervous system.

Mandarin’s citrus scent is kind and comforting, encouraging us to let go.  We shift from thinking and doing to sensing and being. We surrender into the sanctuary of silence.

Bergamot helps us to relax, release and let go.  It lightens the heart and dispels doubt, fear, and uncertainty.  This enlightening aroma enhances circulation and the free flowing Chi in our energy system.  It drops us into the realms of peace and stillness.

Roman Chamomile is beneficial for chronic tension and insomnia.  Chamomile’s sedative scent calms the mind and promotes relaxation.  It encourages gentleness, inner peace, serenity, and emotional stability. It is harmonizing and soothing, calling in the sweetness of our soul. 

California Mugwort is used to clear stagnant energies and to circulate energy.  The crushed leaves of the plant make a wonderful stuffing for a pillow that can be used to induce lucid dreaming. It is an aid for meditation, and working with the spirit realms.


Bedtime Ritual Practices

Peaceful Nights invites you to create a cradle of releasing and restorative practices to prepare your nighttime sleep rituals. Be kind to yourself. Give your body/being what it needs to let go and replenish itself. Let the scent draw you into deep relaxation and the mystery of dreams.

Come to the practice with an empty mind and open heart.  Reflect on an intention for your practice. This may be a good night’s sleep or feeling refreshed when you awaken. You may be setting an intention for conscious dreaming or returning to a dreamscape that you have previously dreamt.


Sacred Space Spray Practices

Spray around your body or in your environment.  Closing your eyes, bring the mist up to your face with your hands and take four deep breaths.  Feel the plant’s vital life force move through your energy centers and your energy field.  When you are using the aromatic mist, you can spritz your sleeping area and pillow before your lay down.  You may reapply the spray if you wake during the night to assist you to fall back to sleep.