Sacred Waters - .35oz & 5ml

Sacred Waters - .35oz & 5ml

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To exist is to spread out, to overflow, to turn liquid, to return to the primordial water, to the ocean that is the mother of all. ~Octavio Paz

Sacred Water’s alchemical scents have been honored since ancient times for ceremony, ritual and medicinal ways in Egypt, Greece, India, Tibet and other indigenous cultures around our Pachamama. Sacred Waters plant spirits all represent the holy water element. They evoke the life force in her primordial celestial nature.  Water is the manifestation of the Divine Mother. She is the Life-Giver. All the memories she brings forward from the ancient times are in the waters. She purifies our wounds, washes our hearts, and empowers us to be forgiving and compassionate so that we may open to her mysteries and teachings. We are her children, she’s our Mother.


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May this sacred scent wash over you like healing waters flowing through your body/being and energy bubble.  May you enter the crystalline grotto of our Holy Mother Water, the holy water spirits, and water guardians that dwell in the clouds, rain, streams, rivers, waterfalls, oceans, snow, ice, fog, mist and dew upon and within our Mother Earth and out into the heavenly canopy of our celestial waters above.

The Sacred Waters alchemical blend may be applied as an anointing oil or as a sacred perfume. Available in Organic Jojoba Oil.

.35oz Roll-On 10% Organic & Wild Crafted Essential Oils
5ml 50% Organic & Wild Crafted Essential Oils


Organic & Wild Crafted Essential Oils Cypress, Juniper, Ginger, Sandalwood et al. in Organic Golden Jojoba Oil. Infused with love, light & beauty. 

Anointing Practice

We create a sacred practice of prayer and renewal when we practice a daily anointing ritual. Through these alchemical scents, we are initiated into centuries of tradition and ceremony that align and attune our body/being with the plant’s ancestral wisdom. Center yourself, pour a few drops into your palm and gently rub your palms together. Bring your palms up to your face and take four deep, slow inhalations.  When applying with a roll-on applicator you may dab and roll the oil in the same areas or intuit where you would like to anoint with the oil. Offer your gratitude for the life -giving ways and wisdom of these alchemical medicine gifts. You may anoint your forehead, heart, and belly coming into resonance with vision, love, and sacred service.

You can apply an oil before meditation, yoga nidra, dream work, and ceremony.