Sacred Space Sprays

“We use the Elemental Nature Sacred Space Spray in our sanctuary and on our altars. The seen and unseen realms and medicines wake up and take the essence in fully, expanding the energy of the space, dissolving veils and brightening spirits. They are truly lovely.” Cindy Miro-Quesada, South Florida

We enter into a sacred relationship with the plant’s spirit and medicinal energies when we receive these transformational scents. The plant's are a bridge between worlds.  The plant's transport us, realign us, and bring us into the present. The medicinal plants in these sprays have been used for centuries for ritual, purification, ceremony, and healing by indigenous cultures all around our Mother Earth.

Like smudging spraying may be done as a way of connecting to the Holy Ones, the unseen beings, and the ancestors. When, we connect with the realm of the spirits we are creating a ceremony. It is the moment that our prayers are taken to the stars, to the unseen beings. We pray with the Sacred Space Sprays the same way we would smudge with smoke when burning the plant material. Spraying can be done as a daily ritual calling the plant spirits as allies and friends to support your well-being, your intentions, and your visions. Simply bring your passion, your love, and your heart to each molecule of mist and receive them with the wonder of the present.

Sacred Space Sprays may be used for clearing and cleansing your body, energy field and environment.  You can spray a mist a veil of protection and blessing around your body. They may be sprayed around your environment and sacred spaces like your altars. These sacred plant medicines may be used to bless, clear and heal a person or object that is being smudged with the mist of the spray.


Sacred Space Spray Ritual

The Sacred Space Sprays can be used to cleanse, clear, and realign you and bring light into the luminous energy field.  As they’re mixed in our precious water, we are receiving the blessings of our Mother Waters and her cleansing and life-giving energies. As you spray with these sacred scents may they be a healing balm to the waters around our Mother earth and within our bodies.  May the spirit of the sacred waters be invoked and bless and protect our Holy Mother in all her life-giving ways.

You may spray around your body or in your environment. Breathe into this moment offering a prayer as you prepare to mist yourself for purification and blessings.  As you mist, you partake of the plant’s gifts, renewing and transforming yourself and the earth.  Use the sprays with the same respect you would when you are smudging with the plants.  Spray around your body, then your heart, your forehead or wherever you are intuitively drawn. Closing your eyes, bring the mist up to your face with your hands and take four deep full breaths. Sense the shift in your body, in your energy field. Notice as you clear your energy field you are transported into a place of stillness.  You are being bathed in light, radiating into your energy centers and luminous body. Embodying  this luminosity in your forehead, heart, and belly.


Each of the Sacred Space Sprays are organic and wild crafted grown, harvested and distilled in a sustainable and loving way. Since they are prepared with our mother waters we receive her life-giving vital energy when we spray. 

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Magnificent Flowering White Sage Plant - Santa Barbara California 

Deborah Sullivan