Native Spirit - 4oz

Native Spirit - 4oz


Wild Crafted Essential Oils in Distilled Water

Native Spirit is an alchemical blend of Coastal Sages sustainably wild crafted and indigenous to the foothills of Santa Barbara, California. Many of these plants were used by the Chumash Native Americans for medicinal and ceremonial purposes. The plant's leaves and flowers have been picked with integrity, honoring and giving thanks to Mother Earth, the Pachamama, and the plant's spirit.

Native Spirit's sacred plants connect us with nature's rhythms, bringing a sense of calm and balance to our body/being and environment.

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Black Sage, Salvia Mellifora, White Sage, Salvia Apaina, California Sagebrush, Artemisia Californica et al. Shamanically infused with love, light & blessings

Black Sage, Salvia Mellifora has euphoric and relaxing properties and detoxifies the body. Hummingbird Sage, Salvia Spathacea, calms and centers the mind.

White Sage, Salvia Apaina, meaning 'to save,' is a stimulant for the nervous system, metabolism, and vital energy centers. It is a healing plant used in Native American and Earth-based cultures since ancient times. It is symbolic of cleanliness and purity. It purifies the mind and whole being, and its cleansing qualities are uplifting to our spirit.

California Sagebrush, Artemisia Californica or Old Man's sagebrush, is a member of the sunflower family, known for its clean and refreshing scent.

Mugwort, Artemisia Douglasina, is used to clear stagnant energies and create circulation. It also is used as an aid for lucid dreaming, meditation and working with the spirit world.

Sacred Space Spray Practice

You can use this spray the same way you would when you are smudging with the plants. Mist your body and environment for purification, clearing and blessings. Envision a mist showering you as you spray around your body. Closing your eyes bring the mist up to your face with your hands and take four deep breaths into your heart.