Protection - 4oz

Protection - 4oz


Organic & Wild Crafted Essential Oils in Distilled Water

Protection blend awakens within us our sacred relationship with our guardian spirits that are always protecting and guiding us. The scent of protection assists us to connect with our guides and ancestors.

The ancient medicine ways remind us to call in our helping spirits, the plant and animal allies that walk with us in the daytime and the dreamtime. This innately strengthening blend nourishes our soul. We become balanced with our Pachamama, Mother Earth, standing with our feet firmly on the ground.

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Cedar is a powerful, fortifying and purifying oil.  It inspires us to weather life’s challenges by transforming negative energies into the positive energies from which we draw courage and wisdom.

Lavender is the 'mother of essential oils' - she stabilizes and calms the heart. She helps us to ‘wash away’ any stagnant energies so we may flow in balance and harmony.

Frankincense both relaxes and revitalizes the nervous system, whether there is nervous tension or exhaustion. It slows and deepens our breath as it opens our heart and draws us into stillness, reflection, and prayer.  It helps to cut the ties that bind us so we can be free. Black Pepper is a mental stimulant and physical energizer.  It helps move ‘stuck’ or ‘blocked’ energy between the energy centers.

Vetiver has a rich, earthy aroma that powerfully connects us with the deep recesses of the earth’s primal life-giving force. The plant’s roots have been used in the East for their fragrance and healing properties for centuries.

Rosemary and basil are mental protectors - they strengthen the mind, assist concentration and bring clarity. Rosemary offers the gift of remembrance, to remember our beloved ones, our ancestors and our heart's path which invigorates our health and well-being. In India, Basil (or tulsi) is sacred. It is known as a protective plant for the house and the spirit of the family.

 Sacred Space Spray Practice

You may spray around your body or in your environment.  Spray starting at your solar plexus, then your heart.  Closing your eyes bring the mist up to your face with your hands and take four deep breaths.  Feel the plant's vital life force move through your energy centers and your energy field. Envision a veil or mist encircling you as you spray in a circular, clockwise motion around your body, then your feet and above your head. Visualize being wrapped in a blanket of protection cradled in the peace of Mother Earth.