There's a strange frenzy in my head,
Of bird's flying, each particle circulating on its own.
Is the one I love everywhere?
Ba Baghay

Alchemy’s animating scent opens a portal of luminous light energy that enters the crown center of our head from the above. A shaft of light streams down from the heavens circulating into what the Hindu’s call the  Cave of Brahma, Confucians the Center of Emptiness, Taoist the Ancestral Land or Yellow Castle.  The soul of the plant carries the ancestral intelligence of the cosmological energies of the sun, the moon, the stars, fire, water, space, air and earth. We breathe in the fragrance that moves within the holy winds. There are mysterious relationships among the elements of mother earth, the movements in the celestial spheres, the molecules of the plants and the sacred scents of the oils.

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Alchemy’s visionary grace awakens the portal of communion into the ancestral, celestial and earthly realms unifying the light of the cosmos with the earth showering love in all directions. May each consecration of these beautiful plant medicines inspire your service to our beloved mother earth and all our relations.



Organic and wild crafted essential oils Grapefruit, Lemon, Omani Frankincense, Pinon, Greenland Moss, Basil et al.  Shamanically infused with love, light, and blessings.


Anointing Practice

We create a sacred practice of prayer and renewal when we practice a daily anointing ritual. Through these alchemical scents, we are initiated into centuries of tradition and ceremony that align and attune our body/being with the plant’s ancestral wisdom. Center yourself, pour a few drops into your palm and gently rub your palms together. Bring your palms up to your face and take four deep, slow inhalations.  Offer your gratitude for the life -giving ways and wisdom of these alchemical medicine gifts. You may anoint your forehead, heart, and belly coming into resonance with vision, love, and sacred service.

You can apply an oil before meditation, yoga nidra, dream work, and ceremony.