Women's Balance - 4oz

Women's Balance - 4oz


First there is the air
and land grows out of the air
Then life grows out of the land
Then woman grows out of life

Beatrice Navajo Monument Valley

Women’s Balance can be used to cleanse, clear, and realign you and bring light into the luminous energy field.  As it is mixed in our precious water we are receiving the blessings of our Mother Waters and her cleansing and life giving energies.

This alchemical blend of Coastal Sages are sustainably wild crafted and indigenous to the coastal foothills of Santa Barbara, California.  Each of the plant’s leaves and flowers are picked with integrity, honoring and giving thanks to our mother earth and the plant’s life force and spirit.  These precious essential oils are lovingly and sustainably steam distilled in small batches.  The sage plants are used by the Chumash Native Americans for medicinal and ceremonial purposes.  The Lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia) is Wild Crafted from the Alps of France and has been used since ancient times for healing and ceremony.

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Women’s Balance honors the Divine Mother, Mother Earth, the ancient ones, the ancestors, the grandmothers, the mothers, the daughters and the next generations.  It embraces us as we move around the circle of life’s cycles, releasing, realigning, restoring and rejuvenating ourselves.  Women’s Balance gently guides us as we ride the ebb and flow of hormonal waves.  This sacred scent helps us to attune to the transitions and transformational tides as we come into rhythm with the phases of the moon and the seasons of the year.  We rejuvenate ourselves time and time again as we traverse the phases and the seasons of our life cycles.


Organic and Wild Crafted White Sage, Hummingbird Sage, Mugwort & Lavender in Distilled Water. Infused with love, light, and beauty. These beloved sages help regulate and balance women’s hormones.

Sacred Space Spray Practice

It can be misted around your body or space at any time.  You may mist it before going to sleep and it’s helpful if you wake up during the night.  Offer an intention or prayer as you step into the sacred and receive the blessings from these beautiful plant medicines.  You may attune with the divine mother’s spirit in her infinite embodiments, receiving the gifts and blessings of her presence as you come into stillness.  

As with all plant medicines, Women’s Balance has its own voice and will speak with us, revealing its mysteries when we honor its life energy and are in harmony with its spirit. May these sacred scents bless and protect you and bestow equanimity and peace upon you as you walk in a sacred manner gently upon the earth and with all our relations.

"Everything begins with the breath. . .
Women's wisdom is in all of us, but each woman embodies
wisdom in her own beautiful way."

Grandmother Julieta Casimiro