Munay - 5ml

Munay - 5ml


Organic & Wild Crafted in 50% Organic Golden Jojoba Oil

This beloved alchemical aroma awakens our universal heart. We are initiated into becoming a vessel of love and luminosity. Munay is a Quechan word which embodies compassion and comingles the power of unconditional love and sacred living. An awakened heart is full of Munay and can commune with the seen and unseen beings.

Munay cultivates reverence, respect, and appreciation for all life so that we may walk in a sacred way with all our relations. Munay‘s plant spirit medicines reveal to us that we are enough just as we are in our human vulnerability. We drop into our core, feeling safe, held, and nourished. We are swaddled in the scent of the beloved.

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Mandarin lifts the veils between worlds infusing light and lightness into our luminous energy body. It uplifts the heart with joy and beauty for all life exuding a sense of aliveness, revivifying our prana and Qi. The sweet aroma cleanses and soothes our emotions creating a state of tranquility so that the mind and heart may surrender and breathe in their true nature.

Neroli infuses light into our energy field and centers revealing the truth so we can emerge into wholeness and unlimited love. It mirrors the illusion of separation and weaves the fragmented parts of our self so they can shapeshift into wholeness. Like a gentle rain, it washes any trauma, releasing illusions so that we may see our soul’s true path.

Munay is created with wild lavender that is grown at an altitude of 1800 meters in the Alps. It transports us to the mountain’s wisdom and the spaciousness of the sky. Lavender’s womblike nature incubates the compassionate heart so it may take root.

Silver Fir and Red Cedar share similar spiritual and therapeutic gifts. They create circulation and openness in the heart and mind so they may work together offering harmony and balance. They imbue a sense of being grounded and centered yet elevated. Fir and cedar are our ancient tree relatives and the lungs of the forest. Their pristine scent that detoxifies our mind and renews our body/being.

Frankincense, the elder trees of the desert are the tears of the sun, the liquid gold anointing balm that soothes the soul. Its golden resin oozes through the bark of this majestic tree and shines a luminous ray into the heart, consecrating us into the sacred ways of being love by the way we live.

Palo Santo the ancestral holy wood that mirrors the alchemical journey through life, death, and rebirth awakens the heart of munay. The aroma unveils the golden elixir of Palo Santo immersing us into vision, creativity, and love. We are invited into an alchemical art which interweaves the sacred marriage of spirit and matter, of the mundane and the mystical.

Anointing Oil Practice

We create a sacred practice of prayer and renewal when we participate in a daily anointing ritual. Through these alchemical scents, we are initiated into centuries of tradition and ceremony that align and attune our body/being with the plant’s ancestral wisdom. Center yourself, pour a few drops into your palm and gently rub your palms together. Bring your palms up to your face and take four deep, slow inhalations. Offer your gratitude for the life-giving ways and wisdom of Munay’s alchemical medicine gifts.