Community Gathering Honoring Grief with Love

Community Gathering Honoring Grief with Love


When - Thursday, January 11th

Time - 6 to 8 PM

Place - 6060 Ashley Place



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In this photo, the kintu's from our November Ceremony are being offered to our Mama Ocean with love and remembrance.  Carrying all our prayers and intentions out into the sacred waters in all directions.

“The dimension that separates the living from the dead is exactly as wide as the edge of a maple leaf,” ~Handsome Lake, the Seneca Indian prophet.

Gathering together in circle, in ceremony we talk, we commune with Spirit, Creator/Creatrix, our beloved Mother, the Ancestors, and all that we love. We call the Holy Ones, the holy elements, the celestial heavens and our Mother Earth. Ceremony is a symbolic language and landscape.  The call to gather in a ceremony is ancient. The need to bring a community, a tribe together and honor our ancestors’ is in our bones.

To come together with each other is sustenance, it feeds our soul, and our beauty walk here on earth. We create a safe, sacred space to be held, to be heard and to mend our pain.  Being in a circle of belonging weaves us together to listen, to witness and to love.  


If you have any questions regarding attending - Community Gathering Honoring Grief with Love,  you can email Deborah at or call 805-683-2038.

You are welcome to bring a photo or special item to place on the altar to honor and receive blessings during our ceremony. It may represent your ancestors, a loved one, someone who needs healing, or something that represents prayers for our Mother Earth.  

You are welcome to read this blog Abode of Grief and Love  which shares some reflections on ways we honor our grief with love.

RSVP by January 5th - Space is Limited - Scholarships are Available