Daring to Rest - Nurture for Pregnancy

Daring to Rest - Nurture for Pregnancy


Certified Organic Essential Oils in Distilled Water


Nurture for Pregnancy

Nurture’s nourishing aromatic mist is relaxing, calming and restorative for pregnant mamas and their little ones. Nurture uplifts your mood and energy creating a comforting space around you and in your environment. When you feel tired or wired this soothing scent will call you back home to re-nest, rest, renew and restore your body/being.

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Lavender is the ‘mother of essential oils’.  She is a perfect balance of yin & yang energy.  Her presence stabilizes and calms the heart. Lavender’s nurturing scent is like a womb where you can take refuge and protection. Lavender is the ‘rescue remedy’ of oils and maintains overall mental-emotional equilibrium.

Mandarin has a fresh, sparkly, tangy citrus scent. It can be clarifying and uplifting and it is a favorite with children for its cheerful, gentle and refreshing fragrance. Its harmonizing and relaxing aroma encourages you to let go and be kind to yourself. When it is combined with lavender and neroli it can help prevent stretch marks during pregnancy and be applied during a massage. Mandarin and lavender alleviate anxiety, stress, sleep disturbances and insomnia. They each have a calming and regulating effect on the nervous system.

Geranium can be a stimulant to the adrenal cortex, which produces hormones that regulate and balance. The subtle aspects of geranium help remind those of us who are perfectionists of our imagination, intuition, and sensory experience. Its energetic effect, like lavender, is to relax the mind, ease frustration, and irritability and have a centering and balancing influence.

Neroli is emotionally harmonizing and unifying. It may settle you down or be uplifting depending on what you need. It supports you to release anything that is holding you back and instills both comfort and strength.  Neroli is a symbol of purity, representing pure spirit in all that is loving and peaceful.



Certified Organic Wild Crafted Mandarin (Italy), Lavender (Provence), Geranium (Egypt), Neroli (Egypt)

Pregnancy Guidelines

During the first trimester, essential oil usage is not recommended. If you are under the care of a healthcare provider you may consult with them about using essential oils during the second and third trimesters. The current research suggests that mandarin, lavender, and neroli are safe during the second and third trimesters. Other studies state that petitgrain, lemon, tangerine, geranium, grapefruit, orange, bergamot, and chamomile are safe also.


Safety Guidelines

For external use, only. Properly dilute all essential oils in lotion or vegetable carrier oil before massage or other topical use. Keep out of reach of children. If you have any health conditions or are taking medications, please consult your healthcare provider prior to using essential oils.