Daring to Rest Trinity Pouch

Daring to Rest Trinity Pouch


Three 5ml Organic - Wild Crafted Blends in Organic Jojoba Oil

“When sleeping women wake, mountains move.”

~Chinese Proverb

A trinity of alchemical essential oil blends is your companion during the Daring to Rest journey and beyond.  Each blend is created to resonate with the energies and cyclical nature of Rest, Release, and Rise.  It comes in a pouch to place in your sacred space or on your altar, and with a stick of Palo Santo (Holy Wood) to burn in your sacred space. 

These blends are not suitable during pregnancy or lactation, click here for Nurture to use during pregnancy.  

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Sacred scents are evocative and powerful – they ignite our senses, transform our moods, lift the veils between worlds, and transport us. Surrender, Flow, and Ignite are sacred scents that initiate you into an intimate conversation and communion with yourself, and the unbridled nature of the sacred feminine.

Surrender gently guides you to drop into your body’s innate wisdom. Flow helps you fluidly move with ease through life’s transitions. Ignite awakens you to your juicy spirit and to the truth of who you are becoming. We rest at the feet of the sacred feminine in her primordial womb with each breath of Rest.  She gestates, stirs and begins to show herself during Release.  As we Rise she comes forth in her full beauty, wisdom, and grace.

Rest - Surrender

This sacred scent is a gateway into deep surrender, restoration, and renewal. When you feel oversensitive and overwhelmed, this transformative scent calls you back to center, calls you back home to your wholeness and holiness. It weaves a cradle of protection so you can nest, rooted in the primal wisdom of your body. You are wrapped in its supportive scent and a blanket of effortless, ease comes over you. This soothing aroma invites you to re-set your rhythms. It’s a lullaby for your weary and depleted system to be nourished and replenished. This soothing scent helps you remember to come back into balance and harmony with yourself again and again. When you let go and take a  deep pause, you re-connect with your body, grounded in the womb of our Mother Earth.  You take refuge in the cave of stillness nestled at the hearth of the sacred feminine.


Organic & wild crafted mandarin (Italy), fine lavender (France), frankincense (Oman), chamomile (England), et al in 50/50 organic golden jojoba oil.

Release - Flow

Flow washes through you like a fresh rain - clearing, cleansing, and detoxifying your body, mind, and emotions. It stimulates your body’s lymphatic system to release trapped toxins in your cells and opens the circulation of energies through your meridians, energy field and centers. This refreshing scent wakes you up restored and ready to meet and greet anything that is hidden or holding you back from your true nature. This citrus synergy invites you to plunge into the unknown depths, to let go, empty out, and create spaciousness where stagnant and blocked energies were unseen. Invite yourself to dive into the dark mysterious waters of the untamed feminine, where you dance with your shadow and receive its symbolic messages. These clarifying fragrances clear emotional and mental blocks that bind you to untrue versions of yourself.  This scent invites you to cut the ties that bind you to any of your old beliefs that have defined you, and held you back. When the terrain is tilled you can plant new seeds to incubate and emerge in the ground of your being. Your sacred feminine takes root, takes her holy seat in the core of your being awaiting her emergence.  


Organic & Wild Crafted Grapefruit (South Africa), Lime (Mexico), Lemon (Italy), Juniper (Bosnia), Cypress (Corsica), white sage (California USA)et al in 50/50 organic golden jojoba oil. Shamanically infused with love, light, and blessings.


Rise - Ignite

Ignite is a sublime, sensual scent that stirs your senses and integrates the phases of rest and release into your body/being. You arrive decisive, clear and standing in your true nature. The spicy, warm character of this blend stokes the fire in your belly, igniting your passion, and gives birth to the sacred feminine.  This juicy aroma activates your vital life force energy, strengthening the power in your belly.  Ignite re-connects you with the primal life force of our Mother Earth, and all the magnificent manifestations of the sacred feminine. It gives you roots and wings each time you anoint yourself. Its invigorating aroma revitalizes your courage and births fierceness. You are awake, ready to embody and manifest the woman that was hidden in the shadows.  It brings balance to the fire and water elements as it nourishes the kidneys and adrenals. When you are fortified, replenished, and resilient you have the power and confidence to embody your intentions, visions, and dreams. You give birth to the seeds that have gestated, for your sisters and brothers, our Mother Earth, the next generations and beyond.


Organic & Wild Crafted Wild Orange (Dominican Republic), Ginger (Indonesia), Cardamom (Sri Lanka), Vetiver (Ruh Khus India), et al in 50/50 organic golden jojoba oil. Shamanically infused with love, light, and blessings.



Safety Guidelines

For external use, only. Properly dilute all essential oils in lotion or vegetable carrier oil before massage or other topical use. Keep out of reach of children. If you have any health conditions or are taking medications, please consult your healthcare provider prior to using essential oils.