Walking on Our Soul Path


It might be liberating to think of human
life as informed
by losses and disappearances
as much as by gifted appearances,
allowing a more present participation
and witness to the difficulty of living.  
What is real can never be fully taken away;
its essence always remains.
~ David Whyte

Walking on our souls' path is mysterious, mystical and messy. The messiness is part of the beauty of our humanness.  Each of us experiences losses and disappearances in this life. We often are grateful to receive what we perceive as blessings from the light, the gifted appearances. What appears in the shadows we often do not let in. We can be blinded by the dark, strangers to the beauty and gifts hidden in our losses. Our brokenness is an invitation, an initiation to dive into the waters of our soul.  As Rumi the mystic reveals, ‘the wound is the place where the light enters you’. 

Trusting the medicine of our soul takes intention and practice, especially as we open to the unknown gifts that are hidden in our pain. When we listen to the language of our soul, when we trust our gut, we are trusting our losses and disappearances. They're moments that are clear and we feel it in our bones.  They're moments that are veiled and distant. Yet, we are invited to go on our soul’s journey and navigate the terrain trusting in the unseen.

I serve as a midwife to the soul’s mysteries. I roll up my sleeves and dig into the dirt and grit of this messy human life.  I dive into the soul waters, riding the currents, not knowing where they will take me. I surrender to the Call of my soul, trusting where it will guide me. Excavating the torn, broken and fragmented pieces of my heart I regenerate myself again and again through the transitions and challenges of simply being human.  Trusting what is uncomfortable, and what seems unbearable. I experience moments of stillness and calm, moments of raw vulnerability and fragility, meeting and greeting each sensation and emotion as it arises.  I surrender, kneeling, bowing to the unknown messengers that arrive at the threshold of my heart.  When I am broken open, my pain can be a compass, helping me navigate the unknown territory ahead.

The soul holds up a mirror, so I may courageously look and see what is being reflected. What encourages me to look, to reclaim the disparate, fragmented and broken pieces of myself is turning within, turning to love, turning to the beloved. My soul tethers me to the seen and unseen forces of the universe, at moments as intimate as my breath, and at moments seems as vast as the moon and the stars in the night sky’s canopy. 

I wonder where I am leaving my soul prints? The landscapes of my soul embrace the losses and brokenness inside me. My heart is a sacred container, a cauldron for them to co-mingle and gestate in the alchemical waters of love.  I am transformed, regenerated and shapeshifted when I surrender into losses and brokenness. Love creates a pathway to the threshold, to the doorway of the soul.  We leave the footprints of our love wherever we go. The losses and disappearances that we show up for, that we meet with a full embrace, that we sit with moment by moment surrendering to their medicine as they transform us, carry the imprint of our soul. When we receive our losses and disappearances with our gifted appearances, what is authentic, what is real, is never truly gone, its essence remains with us and the ones we love.

‘What is real can never be fully taken away; its essence always remains’.  These words resonate so deeply within my heart. When my beloved, soulmate Bill died suddenly I felt him being ripped out of my heart.  My heart and my life as I knew it was pierced, shredded and I didn’t feel like I could go on. I felt suspended in time like I was standing still and speeding forward in the same breath.  The breath felt knocked out of me and everything was surreal. I was untethered and in free fall. I wanted to wake up from this nightmare, I didn’t want it to be real. One morning sitting in his chair, crying, sobbing, searching for some sign of him somewhere, I felt a calm wind come through the house. I sensed him standing behind as he did when he was alive. Leaning over me his arms outstretched over my chest.  I felt his breath on my face, his sweet smell swirling in the air around my face. I said, ‘Where are you? I just need to be with you.’  I heard him whisper in his gentle quiet voice that I love so much, ‘I’m as close as your breath honey. I am your breath’.  I felt the shape of his beautiful hands on my heart and I felt the contours of his fingers soothing my heart. Again, he whispered, ‘I’m as close as your heartbeat. I am your heartbeat”.  I was viscerally reminded that that love doesn’t die. The body dies, the essence of love remains and continues to grow, here in my heart and I with his soul in the stars.  It is as palpable and real as it was when he was here. Whether the intimacy of my breath or the unseen magic of the universe, I feel the grace of my soul. Trusting my soul, here in my body, growing a garden with my soul’s gifts as I open the gifts that are wrapped in pain, brokenness, and beauty. 

Soul Path Mentorship is a Collaborative Relationship that Invites you into the Intimacy, Creativity, and Dreaming of your Soul. 

Soul Mentoring Sessions can Support you too:

  • Discover your soul’s calling.
  • Listen and attune to your unique medicine gifts.
  • Build and sustain a medicine altar, field or ground that engages your medicine gifts and soul work.
  • Strengthen your communication with your ancestors, guides, plant and animal allies.
  • Honor the sacred elements by making offerings and building a sacred relationship with them.
  • Meet and move consciously through the transitions that are opening up for you at this time.
  • Engage transformational processes that renew energy and flow into your energy field and life.
  • Transmute painful experiences into your medicine gifts.
  • Develop your abilities to deepen your intuition, visions and conscious dreaming.
  • Experience rituals and ceremonies that honor earth-based sacred ways.
  • Receive universal practices that may be shared in individual sessions, circles and group gatherings.

'The soul has been given its own ears to hear things the mind does not understand'.


'The soul is not the witness of an external event but the medium in which the event takes place'.

~don Oscar Miro-Quesada

There are many ways to connect and walk together on your soul's path:

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