Honoring Our Mothers - Life-Giver

Mama’s Favorite Place to Sit and Write - Her ashes are in the coffee can ready to release into our Mama Ocean

Mama’s Favorite Place to Sit and Write - Her ashes are in the coffee can ready to release into our Mama Ocean


Talking with the things and with ourselves

The universe talks to itself:

we are its tongue and ears,

its words and silences.

~Octavio Paz

On this Mother’s Day may we remember and honor all our mothers. They gave us this precious gift of life. They are our maternal lineage and become our ancestors. Our grandmothers and mothers continue giving us guidance and protection on our path. We also remember and offer prayers to our Pachamama, Mother Earth, and our beloved Mother Waters every day. There are as many ways to honor and remember all our mothers as there are hearts to offer prayers and hands to put those prayers into action.

This year I am offering this vintage, limited edition of Sacred Waters anointing oil, as a way of honoring our Mothers. And she has a story to tell.  All the alchemical blends I create have an origin story. This one was inspired by my mama, the one who gave me life.   My mama loved to smell good, but she wanted here perfumes to be good for her as well, so I made them for her. This blend was created to support and rebalance the water element in her body and smell yummy.  When she was dying, it was one of the last blends I made for her, and my sister anointed her with it in her last weeks. I wasn’t there physically but this sacred scent connected us across the miles.  I journeyed with her during her transition between worlds, and we were lovingly guided by these sacred plant medicines.

After she died, I was going to stop preparing this blend. Then I realized I would continue making it in honor of her, and it took on a legacy of its own.  Sacred Waters became a blessing for our sacred mother waters in all her myriad forms. Mama loved the water. Soaking in it, sitting and walking by the ocean and making her black strong undrinkable coffee with it.  She loved her coffee so much, my nephew came up with the idea to put her ashes in a coffee can. I could feel her smiling when we placed it on her favorite bench where she would sit and write.  We read something from her journal that day when we released her into the ocean of love and remembrance. She wanted her ashes offered to the waters in Alaska at Willow Lake and the Kenai River where my sister and her family live and where she spent the last chapter of her life.  We offered them here at her favorite spot in the Pacific Ocean in California where she spent decades of her life.  

Now she has taken her place in our maternal lineage as our ancestor.  She is a nova in the star nation shining her light and wisdom upon us and reminding us to bless and honor the waters.So, the spirit of my mama is inspiring this offering, this sacred scent, and this message to you this Mother’s Day.  Her message is to be grateful to the Holy Ones. To listen and talk to them every day.  They are everywhere and in everything.  Create a sacred space, an altar to pray to your ancestors and the Holy Ones.  Make offerings to our beautiful Pachamama, Mother Earth. I pray we take care of this precious gift of our sacred waters for today, for all our relations, and for the children of the next generations.

My mama loved my altars. She was always taking pictures of them and telling me how beautiful they were.  They comforted her, and she felt a sense of peace sitting by them.  When she visited, she always wanted to sleep near one of the altars.


Mother Water Offerings

When we come into sacred relationship with our Mother Water and speak our prayers, they go wherever we send them.  Talk to her, confide in her, and tell her what is in your heart. She holds up a mirror to wherever we are courageously looking. Sit by a stream, river, ocean or bowl of water in silence and look and listen to the messages she is reflecting. Then give her an offering.  It may be your tears, flowers, tobacco, corn meal.  You can pour some libation on the Pachamama, Mother Earth. You can blow your breath with your prayers for her purification, protection and to honor into the water. As you anoint with Sacred Waters, may it be a healing balm to the waters of Mother Earth and within our bodies.  When we come into balance with the sacred element of water, we help realign and bring balance to the Pachamama, Mother Earth.

When I rise in the morning, I offer my first glass of water to the heavens. I then pour some out onto our Mother Earth, hydrating and feeding her with my gratitude and love. I look into that water and say, “thank you for being the life-giver, for replenishing me.” I say to her, “I love you, Mother Waters.” I pray that the waters around our Mother Earth are respected and kept clean.  I talk to the water spirits and guardians in the four directions and pray that everything comes into balance again. I pray that we humans come into sacred relationship with all her resources. I pray and that our Mother Waters and all the sacred elements be protected. May we walk in a sustainable way.

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The Sacred Waters alchemical blend may be applied as an anointing oil or as a sacred perfume.

Available in Organic Jojoba Oil

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Deborah Sullivan